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Click here to order hooks with cherry wood handles.

Hooks made of special-order woods offer the ultimate crochet hook comfort and beauty.

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Take the Pain Away - Crochet All Day -

Any crocheter knows the pain that comes from gripping a thin crochet hook for the many hours needed to finish a project.

Just What the Doctor Ordered!
Boomerang crochet hooks are Bob the Dentist's prescription for pain-free crocheting! Based on his experience of holding thin dental tools to care for thousands of patients, the ergonomic design of our hooks will let you work comfortably without cramping and pain.

Any way you hold it, our crochet hook is easy on your fingers, hands and wrists! Note how Jan holds the hook. The large diameter of the handle lets her fingers hold the hook loosely without cramping.

The length of the handle provides leverage against her palm for completing the stitch with little twisting of her wrist, preventing inflammation and pain in the tendons there.

Don't take our word for it . . .
Read what Carol Alexander, editor of Crochet! Magazine, had to say in a recent issue of Talking Crochet, "the world's largest free crochet e-newsletter":

Beauty & Comfort in Wood
If you're an avid crocheter like me, you always enjoy seeing new creations in crochet hooks. I love beautiful, finely-crafted hooks, especially when they are really comfortable to work with and soothing to the hand. That's a very important factor for my "no-longer-20-something" -- okay, "no-longer-30-or-40-something, either!" hands. I have a number of absolutely gorgeous hooks in my collection that I treasure, but truth be told, they may be beautiful but they're not so easy or comfortable to work with.

Jan Rosenberg, a Talking Crochet reader, recently wrote to tell me about the handcrafted, wooden-handled crochet hooks she and her husband, Bob, make and sell at their website, Boomerang Professional. After their retirement from medical careers (dentist and register nurse), they began a new, full-time business making their line of crochet hooks as well as other one-of-a-kind products.

Jan and Bob's wooden-handled hooks are made in beautiful cherry and are available in steel hook sizes 00-14 and aluminum sizes D-J. The ergonomically-shaped handles are soothing to the hands and make them very comfortable to work with.

© 2005 Talking Crochet. All rights reserved. Gratefully excerpted from Nov. 2, 2005 (Volume 2, No. 15) by permission of Carol Alexander and DRG.

Another common style is to hold the hook like a pencil. Again, the large diameter of the handle lets her hold the hook loosely with less bending of the fingers. This style requires more wrist motion, so sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome would do well to use the first position.

Crocheters take note: be sure to sign up for the Talking Crochet e-newsletter - it's informative and it's free! DRG offers great newsletters for other crafters, too.

Holding the crochet hook, Position One (preferred method)

Holding the hook pencil-style, Position Two

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