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We look forward to hearing from you with any questions about the wooden-handled crochet hooks or the beadlooms from Boomerang Professional. If you should have any problem with our hooks or looms, we will take care of it.

Please send us your comments or suggestions about how we could improve our crochet hooks or bead looms, our Web Site or our courses, kits or our customer service.

Take your choice of 3 methods to contact us:

Send Us an Email by clicking here.

Call Us (we live in the Eastern Time Zone of the US, so please call us during our daytime!):

Some of our aluminum-tipped crochet hooks.

Send Us "Snail Mail":
Bob and Jan Rosenberg
Boomerang Professional
633 Cypress Key Circle
Atlantis, FL 33462-1235

(561) 469-9928

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