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Love, Creativity, Practicality and Partnership Grew into Boomerang Professional

From the City to the Country
Jan and Bob are originally from New York City. Jan was a Registered Nurse & Bob a Dentist. There was never enough time for their creative endeavors, so in 1983 they moved from Manhattan to Delhi, NY, a small farming town nestled in the Western Catskill Mountains where there were more cows than people.

No one in the "Big Apple" could believe what they were doing & said that they would move back to Manhattan in 2 to 3 years. Never happened!

Bob and Jan joined forces and opened a part-time dental practice in the village of Delhi. As Bob says "Jan was the boss & I worked in the back room." It worked out great; at last they had the time to do what they wanted to do.

The Birth of
Boomerang Professional

Then along came beads and retirement. Jan's first exposure to the world of beads was bead looming. When Bob saw her loom he was appalled at how difficult and uncomfortable it was for her to use. The dentist in Bob came out of retirement!

Bob's knowledge and years of experience with tools, dental equipment and ergonomics, his skills at problem-solving and his passion for working with beautiful woods all led to the invention of the warm, friendly and easy-to-use "Boomerang Professional" bead loom.

Why "Boomerang?"
The name "Boomerang" came about when a farmer neighbor visited Bob in his workshop and saw him working on the curved end of a loom. The farmer asked "What are you making there, a boomerang?" and the name stuck.

Jan's other beading passion is bead crocheting and similarly that led Bob to make the cherry wood handles for her crochet hooks. They are much easier to hold onto with the wooden handles on them.

Boomerang University
Many people have admired Jan's jewelry, and her success in selling her beaded creations led to many requests for her to teach. This led to the formation of our "Boomerang University College of Beads."

For years Jan taught the basics of nursing to student nurses, and she has transferred her teaching techniques to two very popular beading classes: the "Absolute Beginner Beadloom" class and also the "Absolute Beginner Crochet" class. Both classes take a basic, simplified approach. Everyone learns and many graduates have remarked how comfortable they are with Jan's happy, easy-going and supportive teaching style.

On the Road Again
From time to time Jan & Bob load up their motorhome and head out. Thanks to the internet and cell phone, their business can travel with them. Bob says their motorhome is perfectly balanced - his tools on one side and Jan's beads on the other.

If you need to contact them please send an email to Jan or to Bob.

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