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Create Your Next Masterpiece in Comfort and Style with a Boomerang Professional Crochet Hook

Quality, good looks and ease of use are the standard for every crochet hook from Boomerang Professional.

The handcrafted cherry wood handles of our crochet hooks make even the smallest sizes easy to hold. The ergonomic design lets you crochet comfortably for a long, long time. Click here for a closer look at our crochet hooks.

Boomerang Professional bead looms are gorgeous, hard-working and a pleasure to use. You can warp the loom in under 10 minutes and still have a smile on your face! To see, learn about and buy beautiful and easy-to-use Boomerang beadlooms visit

Photos of a necklace and bracelet by Janet Rosenberg are included in Geometric Beadwork by Jean Power, published in November, 2012.

Must See!!!

You will be amazed by artist
Tia Vellani's incredibly gorgeous loomed beadwork.

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